Nov 26, 2017 02 30 PM PST
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Metamoris Challenge: Gracie Vs Ryan

No time limit grappling event LIVE from the original Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy Headquarters.

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Metamoris Challenge: Gracie Vs Ryan

TIME LIMIT: Imagine being left in the middle of the ocean with no life raft and being told you will be picked up in 10 minutes. 

NO TIME LIMIT: Now imagine just being left in the middle of the ocean with no life raft. It’s not for everyone. 

The pressure of a no-time-limit match is such that most modern day grapplers avoid it all together and opt for a nice 10 minute match with a point system to guarantee the idea of victory when no submission occurs. We at Metamoris find our roots in the concept of submission being the only true measure of victory, and have arranged a venue with no time limitations to present the concept of a METAMORIS CHALLENGE. One can enjoy this event most by appreciating the physiological ups and downs as well as the nuances of conservation and risk-taking as athletes engage in the ultimate battle of attrition and strategy. 

Anyone who follows the sport knows that Gracie is a vast underdog and isn’t considered active enough to stand any chance. However, no-time-limit is often called “Gracie Rules” for a reason. Helio Gracie was famous for his long distance battles against fighters sometimes 60+ kilos heavier than him, breaking them down with impenetrable defense and endurance. Therefore, those who try to rationalize this statistically lopsided matchup will wonder... Is it possible for Gracie to tap into his lineage and go the distance to get the better of Ryan? Or will Ryan just keep the pressure/pace too high for Gracie to last more than 10 minutes? Tune in as the story unfolds in an intense night of submission only grappling. 
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